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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I got one too, same model as you i think, the non-1080p
as much as i wanna record games at 135 degree 720p at 60frames/second and 15min/gb of memory... lol
I think i'll stick to SD video at 60fps at 1hr/gb

Looks awesome though, I'm getting warfighter tactical to prototype a mounting harness for it
I believe you have the advanced model,mine isn't capable of the 60fps only the 30fps. I like the idea of the prototype harness,there really isnt that much in the way of mounting hardware,not from what I have seen on the website that is. Plus the editing program that comes with the camera is about as useful as trying to play a game of pool with a piece of rope. be warned that the mic is a pin hole and is concealed underneath the laser warning sticker so choose your mounting wisely or you may lose sound.
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