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lol thanks guys, I'm really excited sorry for making the big Fuss you can count me in on mondays and sundays those are my Days off, and feel free to Delete the post if you want =) I'll be watching these forums for upcoming games, thanks so much again .

The Saint if you do need any help I'd love to be of assistance. Yes I am a newb, but I do know how to organize and manage Teams. I became loving this hobby even before I got to try it.. playing guns since being a kid crawling through ravines while people walk thier dogs lol can't wait to see you guys out there!

I have however been following this forum for resources and reviews and one of those in particular helped me purchase my very first Airsoft gun:

CAS version MP5 A4 with the clear upper reciever ran me for about $418 with shipping from 007airsoft, sold out everywhere else.

I just today recieved my Equipment in the mail to get started playing Airsoft!

1 x Black Tactical BUD Uniform Field Shirt + Pants V3 $54.99
1 x Tactical Ventilate Assault Glove-BK $16.99
1 x Airsoft M88 PASGT Kelver Swat Helmet- BK $24.99
1 x Airsoft Wargame Paintball Tactical SDU Body Armor Vest Black $48.99
1 x Tactical X Shape Knee&Elbow Protective Pads Set- BK $30.99

So I'll be ready for The monday following Next =)

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