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Alright I see whats going on here, and I apoligise looks like I made more work for myself then needed, I'm new to the forums so I didn't really look around too much..

Thats a perfect spot for looking for up coming games, sorry to have wasted anyones time here and thanks Renegade for understanding.. Looks like games will continue to go on I just had to look deeper.

I feel really stupid right now so, I almost went as far as to get a part time job there at the indoor just to help run airsoft (with a host of course) just to try and get the players out but it looks like here is the place to do it, where the players to have sign ups for games

and I'm really greatful I found this and thanks guys for showing me the door.. now i have to walk through it =)

But even still maybe I'll talk to this Kit guy and help him out with getting people involved.

PS: I'd love to come out if you wouldn't mind pm'ing me or E-mail for directions and times, that sort of thing I'm sure I wont be able to play in the scenario but i'd love to come out and meet people, as well as get Age Verified.

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