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Originally Posted by Dekan Frost View Post
Your absouletly right, the only issue was in order for me to play a game, I basically had to create one cause our mondays were dieing down. So if I didn't have to host that would be great and I could just show up and play whenever but thats not the case, and in the forums there is no "Upcoming airsoft games" so it's either invite only or need to know basis, which I don't think is right and I know theres enough people that would like to play
I'm going to contact Joe the guy who has been running Airsoft at the outdoor for two years and see what I can come up with, I'm not actually lookings to Host Renegade I'm looking to bring people to the Host =)

PS: Renegade do you think maybe you and I could link up sometime for an Age verification, I'd love nothing more
Fair enough, you came accross as trying to host a game, we have had countless "noob hosts" in the last year that have made absolutley terrible attempts at hosting games that would be extremely unsafe, for greed, ect ect.

There are atleast weekly games there, check the Ontario game section.

Joe is the owner, he doesn't host the airsoft, he just provides the field for us.

There are a couple age verifiers in Kitchener/Waterloo, there is a list of these on the boards as well. I can age verrify you, but with my work schedule, I only really do these at games, and the closest I will be to FR will be the WW2 game on the 22nd which is at a private field just outside Guelph. You are welcome to come out to it if you abide by the scenario requirements, or just come to check it out and get verrified, just make sure you come at the start of the game, as it will be run without breaks.
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