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Alrighty guys thanks, yeah just trying to get more players to come out I know they have games already but it's all about who knows who this is for people that aren't in the loop that want to come play outside of Kitchener or Waterloo.

and yes I figured they're would be a better place for this thread.

and your right I do have no clue, about the fps since the Host decides before games. And I'm not trying to be an (incident) I just want to work with people and get them involved.

and Thanks for letting me know the Velocity regulations. I have no idea about the rules because airosft is hush hush at flag raiders and the host seems to make the rules.

Why I made this thread to ensure that I have place to play airsoft, weekly since I invested in alot of money into airsoft and I'm starting out new and in order to get other people interested in spending money on this I need to make sure theres a place to play =)

So to be honest if you guys are in the area I'd love to work with you on reinforecing the rules, and i'm looking to learn alot out of this


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