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there is an Ontario event forum to post this in.

there are also regular airsoft games being played at FR already.

interesting that I keep finding more to post about.
your under 500fps shows me that you have no clue. Outdoors and for sure indoors.

Originally Posted by Dekan Frost View Post
Hey guys, I need your help... I'm running an airosft gettogether Project and all I need is players!!

We have the Fields:

Outdoor and Indoor both In the Kitchener Waterloo Region.

I'm setting up games for every Monday Night from 7pm to 12 midnight. (Indoor)
The Outdoor is on weekends so far but we need the consistency to operate full time there.

- 18 years or older
- Max velocity under 500
- Bring your own amo ( I will start to bring BB's for sale depending on turn out)
- 25$ a head

I'm currently working to have an Age verifyier on board with the guy who runs the Outdoor Airsoft at the Flagraiders field.

and this is what I posted in the Flagraiders forums but guys I'm dealing with paintballers I need AIRSOFTERS!!!!

Requesting BACK UP!!! ASAP GO GO GO GO


Attention all Airsofters, the call of duty in which you have been waiting for has arrived!!!

I'm looking for any woman, man, man women child, man-child, manbearpig!! to play airsoft again at the indoor Kitchener arena on Mondays, I understand it takes careful planning and one man to rule them all, one man to get the venue started and house the very sport we love. This one person also dictates what Velocity we should use and how heavy our bbs will be before we enter the battlefield.

Well what if we could decide here and now, what if we could organize the match vote on velocities and setup match teams and even have teams already setup before we go to the location. Lets face it Airsoft is not locally advertised and we all know when we see paintball places we think "They got to do airsoft" I also understand that with some of our guns in the arena we could be paying hefty fines for having all metal weapons.

That is why this forum is our only chance to organize and control airsoft upcoming games, this way we can eliminate trying to unmod our guns when a velocity is picked or resulting to a sidearm because the primary weapon's Velocity is to High. Monday nights was run before by a person who talked to the owner of the arena and setup the matches and this fine when you all know each other and want a place to play airsoft...

But what about those people that don't know so many others who want to play and just want to drop in, and play pickup with others desiring the same experience. Guys when your videos of airosoft are posted on YouTube, people from all over Ontario ask where the hell is that and how do you start playing?

I want give people a chance to plan to commute to this location because what we will start will be big, Airosoft is expensive and for those who have guns know if your not robbing banks or shooting out in fields it's hard to use the airsoft gun the way it's meant to be used.

The issue we have right now is if we setup a Monday night for Airsoft and no one shows we have ruined a night of business for paintballers.
I want people to come forth and post and get excited about playing airsoft again, about setting up objectives and having the same fun that paintballers do with airsoft guns.

we can use this thread to:

- plan games (Signups)
- talk about Mods
- helpful suggestions
- game playing tips
- Websites for parts and arsenals

Now I've seen many threads go up about airsoft and die, please help keep this one alive!!!!
I work downtown Kitchener, I'm a quality Assurance Coach for Microsoft and I'm willing to use my personal Cell phone to contact you guys and run this operation to ensure that we create a business for Flag raiders on Monday as well as I will be contacting you to make sure you show up when you have signed up for the Airsoft Mondays depending on the turn out for now we'll keep it Bi weekly.

I have nothing against paintballers, I just really like airsoft and I'd like to see more people out to play.. I'm sure like any sport you invest money into equipment, you'd like to use guys lets use our equipment. Post in the thread if your interested, however if you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason posting on a public forum you can E-mail me personally: and just let me know whats up.

Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Velocity Max:
Contact Method:

If we build it, hopefully they will come!!
Thanks Guys!!


Dekan Frost aka

Scott Krawec


Now I've already talked to owners there going to make us a thread on thier Flagraiders forums strictly for Airsoft!

So if your interested please Post!!!! and help me out and have some fun!! We will however be checking ID at the door.

Create a login and post and i'll contact you guys ahead of time to remind of games coming up. Keep in mind a few things

- It's a indoor paintball arena, so alot of the urban terrain is coverd in paint (fish Oil) it may be sticky and gear might get saturdated but I'd rather have that happen then have no place to play at all.

FlagRaiders wants us to play, we just need to show up with at least 15 or more players (INVITE ONLY)


Still not excited Check out some pics and clips.

YouTube- indoor airsoft kitchener compilation (Indoor)

YouTube- indoor airsoft Kitchener#7 (Indoor)

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