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Originally Posted by ken855 View Post
ordered a gun from section 8 sports, tracking says:

2009/11/06 08:32 VANCOUVER Item successfully delivered
08:31 VANCOUVER Item out for delivery
06:47 RICHMOND Item processed at postal facility
2009/11/05 13:21 LETHBRIDGE Item accepted at the Post Office

the fact is i have seen nothing yet, no package, no notice card, nothing!

8:31 out for delivery, 8:32 successfully delivered. as far as I know, there is no post office near us.

I paid for express shipping too
Go to and find the nearest postal outlet to you (it could be in a shoppers drug mart etc). Call them and ask them to search for packages addressed to you. I had a similar experience last week, and it was just the CP delivery fellow being sloppy - the package was waiting for me @ the outlet.

08:31 - Item is placed w/ delivery driver, 08:32 item delivered? This fellow totally just took the Friday off (big surprise).
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