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Originally Posted by Trapper1 View Post
It would get seized and you would have to fight like hell to get it back. The CBSA are supposed to use the FPS on the packaging as stated by the original manufacturer as a reference, regardless of BB weight. But the CBSA does not follow their own rules. Its all luck i suppose, maybe you would get an officer who knows what they are doing, Its possible at least.
Right now I'm enquiring how to import a airsoft sniper rifle. Basically Im gonna be declaring it as air gun. Before I do, right now I'm trying to figure out how to get it so they can test it immediately.

As for the manual fps specification, I'll ask retailer to search for the number if its on the manual, then don't ship the manual, (or as seperate package) can always ask them to put a chrono fps on there, and if the CBSA want to play ball I'm hoping I can indicate that I've given them permission to sent it to the lab.
All of these I won't go through until I can get a full confirmation on a green light both CBSA and CFC.

Mod if you want to close it feel free,

and as for the projectile, I can get metal bbs.
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