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Originally Posted by Bissa View Post
just because they have does not mean that the always will. and if you try and get caught, you will be blacklisted and everything that you bring in from across the border will be scrutinized. you may also get fined, but I am not sure so I will let someone else confirm or deny this.
That's actually not true. There is no such thing as a black list from CBSA. I've had things seized, and still get my international orders through customs in the same time or less than before. I'm not scrutinized more when crossing the border, or when flying to and from Canada. My roommate has also had no problem with CBSA since having items seized by them.

You'll have a higher chance of getting an item in if you ship with UPS. They will charge you up the ass in brokerage fees but you'll get your gun.

You'll be fined if you bring something across the border physically, without declaring it. It is unlikely that you will be fined for importing something with a courier/mail service, unless it is something obviously'll just have your item seized and destroyed within 90 days.
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