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Originally Posted by CND_SNIPER View Post
i emailed airsplat and they said the have sucsessfully hav shiped an MB04 to canada a few time....
Stop talking and start thinking. There are dozens of threads here as week on this very topic and a very large information section on importing airsoft on this site.

You will get no where if you dont start to learn to use the search button or bother to read the FAQ.

Yes they will ship. No you will not get your gun due to it getting taken at the border. Of course they will ship it here because your the person paying so they dont care.

I understand this is the Newbie Tank and all but seriously. I think that just to spoon feed these people a little and only a little and the Importing airsoft and you thread should be stickied in this thread to hopefully reduce these threads.

Again please read the FAQ's, please. There is a reason those people took the time to provide us all with that information.
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