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Originally Posted by CND_SNIPER View Post
i emailed airsplat and they said the have sucsessfully hav shiped an MB04 to canada a few time....
I called my buddy Miguel in Brazil. He told me he's successfully shipped cocaine into Canada a few times... Therefore, it MUST be legal.

Your statement makes as much sense. Importing airsoft without the proper licenses is illegal. Full stop. If you have questions, try calling the CBSA, who are the ones guarding our border, rather than a foreign retailer who doesn't know our laws.

You think airsplat or any other foreign retailer really gives a shit that Customs will seize your package? Once they've taken your money and shipped it, they've filled in their part of the deal. What happens to the gun once their shipping company of choice picks up the package is YOUR problem, not their.

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