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Originally Posted by RaisinBran View Post
If you read I clearly stated I was sending a gun to somewhere in Canada, I wasn't buying it.

And as for the HK to Canada, a friend who doesn't have access to the internet and he lives in Markham wanted to know because he told me he is getting a gun from someone in HK. So i'm sorry if asking for a friend is against the rules. I also clearly stated that I never was receiving a gun or buying one.
T7 has already talked to you on multiple occasions about you being underage and flaunting the fact you have guns... And not to mention its been discussed before that shipping within canada isnt the problem its shipping outside of canada. By asking these types of questions that have answers and can be found by using that little search bar or even google it self, your bringing negative attention to the underage community and making yourself look like an ass. And as far as your friend having not having internet how the fuck would he order a gun then from HK? And my guess would be its a black gun so it wont be coming to him.
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