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I get packages mailed to me from out of the country almost every other day. And not all of it is airsoft obviously.

I ordered 2 world war two style toy hand grenades last month from separate overseas retailers. They were impulse buys for my Hallowe'en costume. One was opened by CBSA and inspected and then mailed to me. The other spooked an airport x ray op at the airport and caused an evacuation apparently.

An officer from the Peel Region Police Airport Division called me about it on a Sunday. I fully disclosed what the items were and my reason for buying them I even told them the tracking # of the one that already in customs. I said "sorry, my mistake" and the officer said "thank you and please don't order another one" and that was the end of that. Needless to say I won't order another one.

On the following Wednesday I received the one grenade and a letter from the CBSA about my other seized grenade. Other than having my $25.00 rubber toy grenade seized I haven't had an issue.

Since then I have received at least 15 items from out of country via Canada Post. Some have been opened but most have not been just as before this incident. But none have been detained or delayed.

Maybe I am just fortunate?

Obviously, I am not trying to tell anyone what to do. I am just explaining what happened to me.
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