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Originally Posted by connor.eckert View Post
but isnt 400 fps good for something like the m4 ris where it would be used for longer range?
What's fps got to do with range? lol

Anyway, more importantly...
I beg to differ on the sweet spot above 400fps, I ran my VSR-10 at 400fps for the first season, just because of our close quarter field I didn't want to have to deal with minimum engagement ranges. When I upgraded to 470 I found the accuracy greatly decreased, and even at 440 it was sketchy. I put it back down to 400 and I was making 60 yard kills in heavy crosswinds and shooting people between blades of grass again.

Wasn't there another highly renowned sniper on this site that brought this EXACT argument up a few months ago? As I recall CDN_Stalker does the same

Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker;
Heavy BBs are a MUST for a sniper rifle, go with 0.30g or 0.36g BBs, recommnd the Bastards. You don't NEED high fps in a bolt action rifle, I've been running my CA M24 all year at just under 400fps w/0.20g BBs, and even though my 0.36g are coming out at around 300fps, I've got great range and predictable consistancy, much better than when I had it running around 500fps the past four years.

Nutshell, it's the heavier BBs that'll set you apart from other airsoft guns for range. Is just a matter of learning how to use them.
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