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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
EVERY hop-up rubber has a point that it can apply an optimal back-spin force, if the BB is going to fast, it doesn't take full effect... if the BB is going to slow, it doesn't take full effect.

For most rubbers (guarder clear, Systema, TM) the sweet spot is within the 360-380 FPS range...
that part is very true. I agree with you on that one. But for most rubbers, "sweet spot" is above and beyond 400.

Here's a clear evidence:

That gun is shooting at 520FPS. Grouping at 300feet is around 1.5~2 feet circle, easily hitting man sized target shot after shot. I could even take shots beyond 300feet. This was the same with TM rubber and Nineball rubber, AND firefly rubber. They all yielded about the same results after properly tuning everything else in the gun as well as washing the hop up rubber.

this 360~380FPS myth thing, somehow started out by some other member here on ASC and just spread like wildfire.

You can go to another major forum such as Arnies/Airsoft Retreat/Airsoft Mechanics/Fillipino Airsoft/etc/etc and try to impose this myth, but be prepared to get shot down on sight, no other forums other than ASC will ever believe this myth being true, and these are countries with more players, more gun docs, and more experience. They won't believe you simply because it's not true, and there is no such thing. In theory, it works, and it's right, but ONLY in theory. In real world application, especially with airsoft guns that do only about 2Joules maximum, just does not happen.

I feel like im going through a huge tide here, since everyone else thinks Im just pulling this out of my ass. But try saying this "sweet spot" myth in another major forum, you will be caught in the exact same situation im in right now.

Now back to topic, veered off too much:
SRC and KWA are essentially the same. Internally they are both excellent. Just choose based on externals.

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