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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
I shoot my full auto AEGs at 400FPS. its the rule in this area.

I shoot my semi auto AEG at 440FPS, thats also the rule in this area.

Off topic: People who says "360~380 FPS is the sweet spot" is completely utter BS. And I will make this absolutely clear to everyone that there is NO such thing as a sweet spot. It won't increase your accuracy going to a lower FPS, this is just bullshit being fed from ill-informed tuners. Evidence proves there is no such thing, no matter what theory says otherwise.

I'm not encouraging noobs to shoot at 400FPS here, just calling out those poor mis-informed fellows. Please do keep using 360~380 FPS guns, it's easier on your mechbox.
Hey there... I don't know where you get your information from, but there is such a thing as a "sweet spot"

Although they vary from gun to gun... it all has to do with the hop-up rubber... EVERY hop-up rubber has a point that it can apply an optimal back-spin force, if the BB is going to fast, it doesn't take full effect... if the BB is going to slow, it doesn't take full effect.

For most rubbers (guarder clear, Systema, TM) the sweet spot is within the 360-380 FPS range...

But what would I know.. I'm just an ill-informed tuner


I'm gonna add more to this;

A lot of people think that FPS is the be-all and end-all... This is not the case. With a properly tuned gun with tight airseal and a properly selected hop-up rubber, nub and unit and porting matching it's VERY possible to make a 200 FPS gun that will out preform a "greenly upgraded" 400 FPS gun. I've made a TM AK47 that fires at 230 FPS (I DOWNGRADED the spring) that will outrange most 400 FPS guns... I made this gun for the soul purpose of proving a point... And now the gun is THE BEST noob trainer gun around :P
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