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and just to add lighter fluid to the fire.

Gaurenteed none of these guys are running real caps or low caps, Its hicap 400fps 1800rpm hose at the guy until he calls hit because there are so many BB's around him he does not know if they are hitting him or its the trees falling on him because buddy with the chain saw on the other side of the field won't stop firing at him even long enough to hear him say hit so you just walk off and than get shot 8 more times in the back because your seen as a threat when your pointing the other direction with your kill rag out and gun above your head so they need to make sure your dead... people.

TM ak47, with 30 round realcaps, running stock, and I still stomp alot of G&G see how many pieces of white plastic we can put on the target hi cap warrior nubs.
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