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Originally Posted by connor.eckert View Post
how does a gun do the work for us?
Because high FPS and high ROF is a brute-force method to getting BB's to the target. It doesn't encourage good playing practices.

We used to have a saying around here: "If you have to ask what you need to upgrade on your gun, you're not ready to upgrade." Now many of these guns come that way. You'll notice that a lot of vets guns actually shoot around the 360-370 mark, not upward of 400. There is a reason for this. A noob with a weaker gun will learn what it is. A n00b with a powerful one probably won't, because they won't be able to appreciate the differences in BB performance at lower and higher FPS.

I'm not a fan of n00bs having high FPS guns either. ROF whoring (which a lot of n00bs do -not all, but a lot) with a 400 FPS gun is NOT good.

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