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Originally Posted by Colin_S View Post
Players in Southern Ontario should get a set of paintball goggles first and foremost. Paintball goggles are required at the paintball fields (which represent the majority of the play areas) available here, it doesn't matter if ballistics are better, paintball are required because paintball fields need us to use them for insurance purposes. If you want to get a second set of whatever for use elsewhere go ahead, but don't get anything else than paintball goggles first.

Paintball goggles are allowed everywhere, ballistics goggles are only allowed at non paintball fields and they're the minority.
Not up around Ottawa area, or Montreal area for that matter (if one ever goes to play there).

And, last I heard, paintball goggle ratings are flakey at best since a lot of PB goggles makers have to pay to get them fully rated, so they cheap out and only go for basic. Tactical goggles like the Bolles are rated much higher out of necessity.

If I ever show up at a field and get turned away because of my Bolle 800s, at least I know my eyes are better protected by them, and I'll just head home. Not worth risking my eyes because of what a paintball field requires me to wear (and considering most PB goggles don't fit my face well, leaving a LOT of open gaps where BBs can enter...............)

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