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Originally Posted by SHÖCK View Post
Wow, BBs will go through snowboarding goggles like bullets through butter. They are super-thin, brittle, and not designed to stop anything but fluffy snow. You are underestimating the power behind a BB. A BB can shoot straight through lab goggles.

Don't wear snowboarding goggles. Don't wear anything you haven't tested by shooting point-blank first.

When you are wearing your balaclava, you will also most likely fog through your goggles to the point where you can't see unless you have a pair with good ventilation or even a fan solution.

When looking for an eye solution, look for an ANSI z87.1 rating. This is the minimum rating you should accept.
I wont forsure, they are all too fat and stick out. I will look into ballistic and paint ball goggles.

What about theses?

Dont knwo forsure if i'll buy from the site but I just want to know ingeneral if these goggles are okay?

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