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Hahaha...thank you for the funny T7...(was that the pink number or the black lacy thing...I'm wearing it now so it's not BNIB)

To all the numb-nuts who think I'm just going to give stuff away to them...

1...if the items aren't sorted out, I'll give them to good guys that I've met over the years who need them. NOT RANDOM F*CKING LEACHES (see you're de-evolving) Not one of those good guys have ever hit me up for free stuff...although it may end up for free. I just got off the phone with a buddy who needs help with wiring. He started with..."can I buy some wire from you"...which is silly because I would never charge for a bit of wire.

2...I'd give them to field owners who have shown credit and accomodations to the airsoft community (i.e. I'd drop all this shit at Brian's place in the middle of the night and let him deal with it...hahahahaha). I.e. NOT YOU F*CKING LEACHES

3...I'd toss them in Gratis to guys who bought lots of parts from me.

So...there it is...stop posting here, stop PM'ing me asking for free not only come across as a retard, you're actually proving that you are.

I can 100% guarantee you now that anyone who has done so will never, EVER, get anything from me. I'd rather dump it in the trash than give it to you dummies.

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