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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
That's not much notice. Is that even legal? Did you give notice when you took their guns/equipment in that they would have x amount of time to pick their stuff up or it would be forfeited?
I thought about that as well...

Seeing as some of this stuff has been left with me from anywhere between 1-3+ months (I have shit left at my place since January)...and since I have (I think without fail) spoken/PM'd/E-mailed each person well before now about their stuff...yeah, I feel that I'm entitled to do whatever I want with it.

I bend over backwards all the time....but I am not chasing people around and rescheduling my life to suit their schedules of convenience for this type of stuff.

One of the items is a 5w radio and headset (nice)...I've had it since one of my first CQB games in the spring...the owner knew that I had it right away afterwards...I still have it...spoke to him last week about it...I still have it...
.....and if my own f*cking teammate doesn't come get it I'm going to sell it!
...move your ass T_A_N_K!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Same with a smart charger....

Same with a ELCAN...

Same with a gun case...

Same with a full box of original parts from a complete rebuild...

Same with some gear...

I've got a misc box full of brand new Hicapa parts...don't even remember whose it's been reshelved/organized in my house for so long.


Same with a $400+ complete Systema Magnum mechbox/motor set.... (just kidding Jay )

***these are just the misc parts/stuff that's been left at my does not cover the AEGs/GBBs... But those guys are on notice already and if they don't sort out their end of things...they're going to get posted up too.

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