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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
See PM.

The only one I don't have available right now, is the 4.3 Dual Stainless, but the controls on the Xtreme are almost the same. I have an original 4.3 Dual Stainless beavertail safety as well (slightly different shape from all the other Hi-Capas), but you'll be able to an idea of the finish differences with these examples.

In short: the 5.1 Stainless uses more of a replicated satin/matte silver look, whereas, the 4.3 Dual Stainless & Xtreme uses more of a replicated polished/stainless silver look.
Thanks for the info Brian. I guess I really need to see it to make a decision. BTW, i wrote down a list of questions on a piece of paper just now. Would it be cool if i ask u some of those questions when i get there??
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