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Lest we forget.

While we shoot our freinds
They shoot the enemy...

While we raise our hand and respawn
Many of them do not...

While we have a safety zone
They're always in harms way...

While we load the BBs in to our mags
They load Lead in to theirs...

While we come home after a battle
Some of them do not...

While many of us bare their uniforms
they have earned theirs...

While we are playing
They are praying...

God bless all who are over there, all who have been over there and also to those who are going there, I know there are many CF on these forums
my heart goes out to you ladies and gentlemen because you are some of the bravest men and women this world has ever known.

From the beaches of Juno
To Kandahar Airfield

I bare my Poppie.
It's not about the guy who doesn't call his hit. It's about the pants you're wearing and the pants you're team mate is wearing, Is it real multi cam or is it Chinese repro multi cam? I don't know but in the end it's still multicam.
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