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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Allow me to get things started by stating the most obvious choice.

Name Of The Gun (Model and Company name):Tokyo Marui MP5SD
Colour (Black, clear, mix, purple, etc.): Black
FPS (if not known not a big deal): 280FPS
Battery type: 8.4v mini 2/3 A
Physical Description of the gun (pull back stock, rail systems, etc.): Available in both full stock and retractable stock. No rails, optics can be mounted via claw mounts.
Other comments (rants, opinions, etcs. here): Quality product with a mechbox that left untouched can run for years as long as it used appropriately.

A friend of mine has a TM MP5SD5 Its purely awesome. The plastic body is meh, but its not that big of a deal, The gun still feels solid.

Personally, I'm a fan of the older A2/SD2 style MP5s, I know ICS, and i believe CA both make variant of that. They are both metal bodied, and well built. (note the different lower on the older style)

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