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Originally Posted by MoreToasties View Post
I was supposed to get AVed last week, but I shattered my ankle and have to wait another month.

sorry to hear that man. I admit I got lucky on that motorcycle crash though, I didn't get hurt too bad. I fell going 90 kph (yay, I dont have to convert it! we're all canadians! lol), It could easily been WAAAAAAY worst than it was!

but like I said for me, I wont buy the guns right now cause I have to repair the bike first... Maybe I'll get the 1911 if the repairs aren't as expensive as I fear, just to jerk around at home... the AEG will probably wait until the beginning of next summer, if not later.

(I know I can't play in winter with the GBB, It will only be for stripping and screwing around the home purpose right now! lol.)
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