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Originally Posted by MoreToasties View Post
Im not sure that's true.

There are far more brands that make full metal 1911s.

WA, WE, KSC, SocomGear, etc.

The KSC is full metal? and what about their Glock 17, 19 and 34? are they near original materials? (I think a real glock has some sort of polymer frame... So are KSC's glock close to the real material?)

also for the AEG... I kinda fell in love with the SRC G36... I have a huge erection right now...

would you guys recommend it? Its not made from realistic materials... but like the other topic says... it looks better than the G&G... but is it enough to be considered good? here are the specs(its the M4 specs, but the G36 is probably similar vs a G36 from G&G...):

is that a decent gun? if so, I'd go with a KSC 1911 (if full metal), and that sweet G36 (or G36K... same price... I can't figure the diffrence... maybe I'm just blind and don't see an obvious diffrence)

edit: used excel to compare details... the only diffrence: front rails. (not I see it! lol). I'd get the K model then... after all they are the same price!

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