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can be locked. Thanks mods! Need suggestions for a MP5 aeg

I've convinced my friend to get into airsoft with me and the gun he wants is a SILENCED MP5. I know nothing about this gun, companies that make it, prices, etc.

So if your a retailer or current MP5 user, or MP5 lover, or anyone who knows anything about MP5 AEGs please post your opinion on the model you think he should get.

If you could organize your post in the following format I'd appreciate ALOT (+100 karma for eveyone who does so), since I have to email this to him anyways. Thank you

Name Of The Gun (Model and Company name):_______________
Colour (Black, clear, mix, purple, etc.):__________________
FPS (if not known not a big deal):______________
Battery type:_______________________
Physical Description of the gun (pull back stock, rail systems, etc.):____________________
Other comments (rants, opinions, etcs. here):___________________

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