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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
That's the opposite. G&P ARE (to my knowledge, all) full metal. Some TM are, but most are ABS plastic.

Also, TM's a reliable mostly because they shoot low. Of course, for CQB that's all good, but you might want something more powerful OTTB. IMHO G&Ps would be better (yet cost more).

For durability, G36's would be your best bet as they use a V3 mechbox, which is less prone to break. Obvisouly good quality V2 won't break easily, but V3s would be even tougher. Keep in mind that you won't find a full metal G36, as their RS counterpart aren't. You can however find some using materials similar to the RS, so much more resistant than TM's ABS, for instance.

FAMAS are quite hard to find
yeah I should have said "same material as their real life counterpart" rather than "full metal". lol. but thanks for the info.
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