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Originally Posted by KoolAidMan View Post
we'll you'll be able to buy in av retailer section a new g&p or classic army m16 or m4 and a 1911 .

there is also clones such as dboys
yeah I know I will be able to buy there. I'm not asking "where", but rather "what". lol.

I'll probablly go with TM. I said I want full metal. g&p is not.

If I beleive what has been said, TM's 1911 is nice. I'll buy that. I'll also get an AEG from them, either an M4, an M16, a G36, an AUG or a FAMAS. After reading everywhere, I think I undertand they are all basically the same behind their appearance. I like bullpup weapons for their long barrels... that are short! lol. Due to the location of the mags. But I really love the M4 and M16 models. the G36 also. I really don't know... But I'll get a 1911 fr sure. I love that gun so much. I think i'll sleep with it under my pillow!!! lol.

also If I really go in the army like I plan to... a M16 would be nice, I suppose this is what I'll have due to my height(I'm pretty tall). I probably won't be in the infantry though... but anyway.

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