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Mike Oxlarge
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1. I got laid last night and the night before that so I doubt that's an issue.

Thats great news

2. You didn't explain yourself very well in your opening post to this thread.

Um, why do I have to? It says this newb part of the forum is specifically for questions where retards wont jump down your throat. And isnt the onus on me to know my ethical and legal parameters? Because I didnt specify Im not a sadistic asshole that wants to go around hurting small animals means it is my fault that some loser thought I was? Good logic there.

3. You'll need more than an airsoft rifle if you want to keep intruding skunks and porcupines off of your property.

Exactly the kind of comment and insight I was looking for since ive never even seen an AS gun in real life. Thank you.

4. Skunks and porcupines are nocturnal. You'll most likely be shooting them in the dark. You might shoot your dog too.

Well if I mistakenly shoot a dog on a leash a foot from my leg, instead of a skunk ten feet away in the bush, then I probably shouldnt be buying any type of gun now shouldnt I? Thanks for your concern though.
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