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Originally Posted by Mike Oxlarge View Post
LOL some of you guys really need to get laid.

First of all, I never said I was taking the gun on walks to kill or hurt animals. I have a small dog and if she is with me and we see a skunk or porcupine, I would like it to stay away. I joined this forum precisely because I was unfamiliar with these guns and was looking for advice, not for people to jump to conclusions.

Deterring other animals means ones that come onto my property that I would rather didnt.

The walks I referred to are practically in the middle of nowhere. There arent other people on the property, since it is mine - a very, very large wild area.

I am entertaining this gun because it looks like it would be fun to use shooting targets as well as deterring small animals that get too close. It seemed like a good dual purpose item to own and fun to use. Maybe Im wrong.

LOL @ poaching....
1. I got laid last night and the night before that so I doubt that's an issue.

2. You didn't explain yourself very well in your opening post to this thread.

3. You'll need more than an airsoft rifle if you want to keep intruding skunks and porcupines off of your property.

4. Skunks and porcupines are nocturnal. You'll most likely be shooting them in the dark. You might shoot your dog too.

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