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Originally Posted by Mike Oxlarge View Post
Hi all, I am very new to this and am looking for a gun to have around the house. I live on a large property with a lot of wildlife around. Basically I just want the gun for scaring away or deterring vermin or small animals.

So what I am looking for is a smaller gun that has a semi and full auto option. I am currently looking at this one from CDN Tire.

Since I am taking the gun with me on long walks, I want to make sure it has a shoulder sling and is not too big, so full machine gun replicas are out of the question. Sub Machine guns would work best for me.

I live in the Niagara Region and would like to know of any stores that sell this stuff. I am willing to go to the GTA to look. Optimally, Id like to find a store to go and see the guns and talk to staff. Thanks.
Originally Posted by Mike Oxlarge View Post
Yeah I thought of that but I like the fact that AS guns can have cartridges and can shoot semi or fully auto. Can pellet guns do that?
I really can't believe that anyone here is actually giving any advice to someone who wants an airsoft gun to go on "long walks" to shoot at local wildlife (vermin/pests). Especially when they have a pressing need for one that shoots full auto to do so.

I have no issues with killing animals...vermin/pests/ it for protection of health/property/livelyhood/sport. I do take issue when someone shoots at animals to either wound or harrass them.

Kill them because you need to and then do it responsibly when you need to, or don't do it.

I'm not sure on the hunting regulations for your area...but it may be illegal to shoot at any animal with a weapon that is insufficient to humanely kill them. When hunting game, intentionally wounding (being an idiot is not sufficient excuse) an animal is right up there with poaching. Depending on what you crack a burst of shots off may not be shooting at something that is categorized as vermin, but rather small game...and as such you may be subject to a variety of hunting/preservation regulations.

For example, I believe that in the GTA...even though a mouse might be a pest/'re not allowed to shoot them. You can club them, trap them, step on them, etc....but you're not allow to fire a weapon at them.

If you do not precisely know the legalities of what you're thinking of doing, it is your duty/responsibility to check with you local/municipal bylaws and any applicable hunting/MNR regulations.
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