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I see a lot of new players in this thread, or, at least a lot who are new to ASC.

BB prices are remarkably consistent accross the board. You have to keep in mind there are qualitative differences between brands. Wholesalers can make choices when sourcing their BB products and one of those choices has to do with how the BB is made and the end result. You can buy bulk ricebag product and its lower priced than higher quality BBs - the differences are subtle, such as polish, seams, material binders, the BB material itself and the manufacturing process (extruded versus formed) and the end result is there is no free lunch. If you're paying less, I am pretty sure, you're getting less quality. Perhaps that doesn't matter to you depending on your AEG and whatnot, but if you do, make sure you try a few different suppliers so you learn the differences and make an informed decision. Caveat Emptor.
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