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Mike Oxlarge
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What and where to buy in Ontario?

Hi all, I am very new to this and am looking for a gun to have around the house. I live on a large property with a lot of wildlife around. Basically I just want the gun for scaring away or deterring vermin or small animals.

So what I am looking for is a smaller gun that has a semi and full auto option. I am currently looking at this one from CDN Tire.

Since I am taking the gun with me on long walks, I want to make sure it has a shoulder sling and is not too big, so full machine gun replicas are out of the question. Sub Machine guns would work best for me.

I live in the Niagara Region and would like to know of any stores that sell this stuff. I am willing to go to the GTA to look. Optimally, Id like to find a store to go and see the guns and talk to staff. Thanks.
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