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I played competitive paintball for 14 years and started to lose interest when speedball or"quickshot" became popular. But when Airsoft came along, I dropped Paintball like an uncooperative prom date, not because I though it was cheaper (although if you compare parts and ammo it is) but because Airsoft was everything I wanted to do when I started playing paintball but couldn't. I won't go over all the pros and cons needless to say I went over to the other side with a big smile on my face.

Clearly this guy markets to inexperienced kids who don't know better. In the long run I think most serious players would pick Airsoft over Paintball, maybe not ten years ago, but today for sure. And if not to each their own.

I can't stand those blow up bunkers you see at Speedball games, something about them, drives me right up the wall.

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