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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
don't expect AV'ing to happen that quick. hurt because you meet with a AV'er you don't get your tags right away. could take more time as the admins do the system changes. the AV'er just takes your info and passes it along.

awwww. Oh well, I won't buy the guns right now anyway. I had a motorcycle crash a couple weeks agos... I gotta repair the bike for next summer, its a $?%$ load of money and it passes before anything else. lol. I suppose I will get the guns near the end of the winter/beggining of the summer. Also Airsoft may be delayed cause I'm thinking about going into the army. I hate my job, and I would like to become a weapon tech for the army... With the recruit training and all, I won't have time to play airsoft for a while.

as for gbb's, my TM g17 gen 3 has been rock solid.

I've heard nothing but good news with the hi-cappas

cool for the glock, I will check it out. for the hi-cappa, I don't like it. I want a 1911. the calssic one. Hi-Cappas have double stack clips and are a bit bulkier. also the design is not exactly the same... I wonder about internals and stuff. I may get one someday, but I'll definately get a 1911 first.
again, see answers in red!

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