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Hello from Montreal!

Hey guys, just giving my intro to the world of airsoft for the first time! Been in the forums for months now but haven't even introduced myself (some guys know me already since I've been getting gear here).

I've been interested in airsoft for a long time, just never got the chance to play (I tried a few pistols when I visit the Philippines when I was a kid) and I've been playing milsim paintball (no not the neon spacesuits with spaceguns), so gear-wise (BDU, plate-carrier, tactical accessories, etc), I'm all set and all I need is the guns. I'm not looking to quit paintball but I am looking for activities during my time off from it and since I'm interested in milsim, airsoft seems the most appropriate alternative.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to trying airsoft (could have gotten AV'd during one of my purchases but we both forgot ).
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