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Compress Gas Questions

1) Does anyone know where to buy Red Gas? (HCFC-22) All the stores I've seen outside of Canada are almost out of stock.

2) I've seen people use compressed deorderent, freshners in gbbs (I know its dumb) but my question is does anyone know what chemicals are used? (ie if I want to reduce Propane added scent I add some of those freshners, does it destory the o-rings?) Please don't post the crap saying its good or not good idea without physical evidence. If anyone could tell what kinda of gas is used for the compress gas it would be great. (HFC134a, Difluoroethane, propane)

3) Is there any other gas thats fills has the psi higher than propane, but lower than CO2? Ie What's the pressure of Oxygen, and Propylene at SATP? (probably not a good idea to use C3H6 since its alot more volatile than propane)
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