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Hi Folks, I'm a Canadian living in NZ. Currently I play RAM, but I've been looking into the Airsoft side of things, both in NZ and Canada. I'm hoping to move back in a couple of years, and since RAM appears to have been neutered by the CBSA, it looks like its airsoft for me

WRT the situation here, I wouldnt go as far as to say we are any smarter, there are some damn stupid people here too (as everywhere) and a crapton of springers (There are also the better quality items as well) on (our ebay equiv), but there dont tend to be too many incidents reported in the media. Perhaps one every 3-6 months, and that includes .68 stupidity as well.

Personally I dont mind the semi auto restriction, our ammo isnt all that cheap for ram. The few times my marker has malfunctioned and fired full auto was absolutely awesome, but I'd prefer a 3 round burst. There are rumblings of a law change in the pipes with regards to the airguns, and apparently positive, but I cant say anything with accuracy, so I wont.

I'm looking to go to an induction course run by our local airsoft community in the next month or so. Once I've done that, and can get access to the buy and sell areas, I'll be able to gauge more accurately the stuff I can get hold of in NZ. Sadly its impossible for me to get AV'd on here, and thus make direct comparisons.
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