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Originally Posted by SHÖCK View Post
"Current legislation in NZ is that you must be 16 years and over AND have a current A-category firearms license to own an airsoft gun"
But still.... You know what would happen if the NZ laws concerning airsoft were to be implemented here.

Also.... So you're 13 and get your hands on an airsoft gun now what? Well chances are something stupid will happen and the kid will either get shot/killed or arrested and in the case of an arrest I actually think that Canada is way too pussy to prosecute youths. Heck even if something stupid happened with a 16 year old (who had their "class A firearm license" (which I'm going to assume is equal to a "non-restricted PAL")) we know what will happen, a slap on the wrist and the YCJA seals their record after 18.

Let me say though that I'm all for kids going out and shooting each other with BB guns and having stick fights like in the "old days" but the political climate now is just way too soft and run by soccer moms IMO (noes.... you can't be hitting each other with sticks and playing cowboy and indians with rubber band guns it's DANGEROUS we need to ban rubber band guns cause a kid could lose an eye).


@ theguy:

Well if you look at HK/Japan/The Philippines/etc. you'll notice that people have cheap and easy access to guns but actually know a thing or two. I relate this to them just having a different culture, the players over there seem just as dedicated as us in Canada and don't spew shit to get subscribers or whatever on youtube. Also yeah not all Americans are bad airsofters but it's the lowest common denominator that seems to be the one yelling the loudest on their soapbox. Just like not all paintballers are bad but it's the very vocal ones that give you that impression that everyone just sprays and gets all hyper when they lose a match.
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