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Originally Posted by Huge94 View Post
I'd stick to Canadian regulations since here kids dont have an all-access pass to replica firearms and I think it's a good thing. Hell I'm 19 and still have to save my pennies and spend a month paying for my credit card because I bought a gun. Higher prices and difficulty obtaining replica firearms makes you think twice about doing something stupid.
So, before you bash me here for being a hypocrite, hear my reasoning :P

Often, when I see american airsofters on their fourms, youtube, and writing reviews on online sites, they really have no clue what their talking about. It seems like the vast availability of guns means that anyone can throw $100 at the sport, and have themselves a fine functioning rifle. Often, I see these people, who really have no idea what their talking about, giving other noobs ridiculous advice, Praising shitty brands, and saying high-end brand are crap. I won't tell you the number of reviews i have seen on VFC rifles, Saying they are total shit.

WTF? These guys have no idea what they're talking about! maybe they own a JG or two, but it seems the general knowledge of an average airsofter is far higher here then there.

Now, Im not saying that all Americans are bad airsofters, I dont want to come off as prejudice, but, the way airsoft is set up here now, It forces new players to be committed. It means that the players we play with are serious, and really want to be there.

had to let that out

It's better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness

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