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Hypothetical Question.

Im sure this has been theorized upon ad nauseum, but why is there no Hong King or China company producing clear receivers?

Redwolf, in their FAQ, offers painting orange tips on their guns for American customers.

Why not have a company produce clear receivers? Sure we would have to buy one with our order, but the company could even offer to install this clear receiver just as they offer to paint tips orange. I would much prefer tracking down a metal body in country, or even painting a lower, to our current system.

This is really just wishful thinking, and I suppose Canada does not represent a large enough chunk of the market for a company to start making clear bodies on our behalf.

But it's a nice thought, ain't it?

Feel free to point out flaws in my logic, as I'm sure there are many, but lets keep this free of ad hominem. I get that enough here.

CLARIFICATION: I'm talking aftermarket clear receivers to allow us to ship otherwise un-import-able guns into Canada.

As Bowers put it, it sounds like hes talking about retailers like redwolf stocking clear lowers to install for canadian buyers.
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