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I would actually go with NZ laws. More/better access and it prevents people from hosing. However that's pretty much just because of my play style. I would like the full auto feature but it's not a big loss if I can't have it since I'd be just shooting semi 99% of the time anyways.

However, just think about it for a second first. If Canada adopts NZ laws couple that with the culture of Canada and there is a statistically significant chance something bad will happen.

Now that kids get access to cheap toys like this, stupid things will happen and will be all over youtube (lol lol loooll Look at me I shot at bystanders at the local park duuuurrrrrr). If the culture were to change such that kids don't have "that kind of attitude" then yeah but for now I'm happy with how things are. Just take a look at the underage backyard airsoft videos that come out of the US and 13 year old kids "reviewing" guns and "reviewing" retailers.
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