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Would you rather have Canadian Airsoft or New Zealand Airsoft?

I've always been interested in the status of Airsoft legalities around the world. You have the US and their orange tip and trademark laws, the UK with the licensed players (best system IMHO), the Phillipines, Hong Kong, and Russia where it's almost anything goes and you have a lot of innovation...and then Australia and China where it's banned completely.

I came across the New Zealand Airsoft community recently and I was reading their forums and it felt a lot like the Canadian situation. They try to police themselves, have age rules, and people have to contact specific dealers with each club to get their legal weapons, etc. Turns out the issue in New Zealand is pretty interesting. Unlike here where the big deal is all about importing receivers, in NZ, they are not allowed to import and possess fully-automatic airsoft.

Any guns they import must have full auto permanently disabled and in some cases, even with full auto markings removed from receivers. They are not allowed to possess or play with fully-automatic airsoft so it's not just in the importation process. What's even more interesting is that you have Australians going to NZ just to play their semi-auto airsoft.

If you had the choice, which would you choose? The ability to freely import anything (as long as you had someone disable full auto before it got to customs) or the ability to own and operate full auto weapons with the Canadian import restrictions and the difficulty in getting anything that you truly want in? I'm thinking that for collectors, the semi-auto world would be much friendlier as you could get anything that you wanted. I'm not sure how well that would hold anyway since full auto can be disabled simply by removing the selector plate. I wonder how many in NZ just put one back on? From what I've seen though, it can get extreme with Escort gas weapons being mechanically modified so that they are permanently disabled, etc.

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