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How about $39.50....come a man...

I've tried a couple of different makes. Be sure to try them on. Several makes had either thin fingers, short thumbs or fit just right (but a medium would fit in one make and a large would fit in another).

Factor in that they're going to stretch a bit and loosen up...but some don't. I have a really beefy pair (look like mini hockey gloves with bumpers on the back) that are ultra protective...but are really stiff. I can shoot with them on...but I can't "feel" much. I've soaked them and oiled them and tried to work them in...but they're b*tches to wear.

I prefer a glove with a bit of a cuff...nice to keep the buggies off my wrists when playing in swampy areas. Some models have them, others don't.

I'd take a pair that I could try on and make sure that they fit over ordering the most elite tactical super-ninja pair that might not fit right.

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