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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
make about 15 different models of gloves

From very light .. to insulated work gloves

I have several pair.

, very light pair for hot weather wear.. just good to reduce abrasions in the field.. not really any good for anti BB protection

cost $15

a standard pair of general work gloves in OD green and Black.. these are my standard feild wear in temperate weather, good grip, fair impact resistance , good anti bb protection for field distance engagements

cost $20

an "armoured" pair with rubber reinforcements on the back of the hand, fingers and solid re-enforements over the finger tips .. very good for CQB , can take a contact shot with no issues. thse goves are made for masonary work where dropping a brick on your finger happens all the time..
These come in grey and black .. but they make a CB version

cost about $35

Got them all at Lowes
As long as I'm not spending over $40 on a pair of gloves, I'm one happy asian.
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