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Originally Posted by mas_oyama View Post
see answers in red!

So yeah I'm quite fixed on the model of the gun. I just have to see about quality of each brands. Like I said for now it'll be my only guns, so I want them to be robust and durable. (full metal helps I suppose)

Also I love realism(again, full metal!), like I want the guns to be as close to a real one as possible as far as field/detail stripping goes. I know it will never be the same, but the closer it will be the better I'll love it. In particulay the glock and/or 1911, cause I'm a handgun nuts. I love 'em. If it were as good as a AEG, i wouldn't even bother getting an AEG! I would get 20 handguns! lol
Full metal with good field stripping describes the KWA PTP series. They are rock solid with realistic field stripping for training purposes. I have a M1911DS PTP and it is the finest airsoft handgun that I have ever handled. I also have a M9 PTP by KWA and it is very close in quality and feel. These guns, especially the M1911, have a great feel when you shoot them. The blowback causes a kick similar to shooting a 22 caliber gun.

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