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Originally Posted by MoreToasties View Post
Well it seems like you know what you want.

You should be comparing and contrasting different brands that make the guns you want.

TM makes great g36s and mp5s.
I see they have many mp5s. I like 'em, but mainly for CQB combat. While M16 is for longer ranges, I think the M4/G36 are both good compromises between the two. Over the time, I may get many guns. I may look to get a M16 and a mp5/P90. but for now I want a nice compromise between the two (M4 or G36, maybe FAMAS)

For armalites, I'm not sure.

TM makes a mean 1911.
Okay, I saw its their only 1911 model... I'll look for it as soon as I get someone to age verify me!

Just have a look at different brands, YouTube reviews, etc.

Airsoftreports on YouTube is good at technical reviews.

Are you going to be outdoors-ing, CQB-ing, or a mix?
Like I said, probably a mix. But chances are I will be outdoors more than indoors

Detail your needs for the gun, rather then models if you want more help =)
My need? shooting people in airsoft games lol. well like I said I want a good overall gun. If I wante a long range gun I would think about a sniper, and if I were to play indoors in CQB all the time, I would consider a P90 / mp5. but since I will be out more often than not... a G36/M4 or worst case an M16 would be the best for me (I think)

As you seem to have the gun research down pat.

see answers in red!

So yeah I'm quite fixed on the model of the gun. I just have to see about quality of each brands. Like I said for now it'll be my only guns, so I want them to be robust and durable. (full metal helps I suppose)

Also I love realism(again, full metal!), like I want the guns to be as close to a real one as possible as far as field/detail stripping goes. I know it will never be the same, but the closer it will be the better I'll love it. In particulay the glock and/or 1911, cause I'm a handgun nuts. I love 'em. If it were as good as a AEG, i wouldn't even bother getting an AEG! I would get 20 handguns! lol
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