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Suggest me a gun!

Alright, so I would like to know what are the best choice that fits my tastes for 2 guns.

Basically, I want an AEG as a primary weapon, and a GBB as a backup side-arm.

What I want: a durable, reliable, and fairly good out-of-the-box AEG, because I don't plan on modding it. It will be my first ever weapon.

what is important: It must be an AR15 (either M4, M16, or something like that), a G36, P90 or a FAMAS. These are the type of guns that I like. It could be a long barreled MP5, but that would be my last choice. for me:

M4 > M16 > G36 > P90 > FAMAS

Then like I said I want it to be reliable, durable, as accurate as possible, and ideally, full metal.

I know I kinda ask for the perfection, but since I don't plan on modding it, I want it to be good out-of the box!

fot the GBB handgun, I want about the same characteristics as the AEG. Type must be either a full size or compact glock(not a sub-compact like the 26. not necessarily a full auto, since i would put it on semi 99% of the time anyway) or a 1911(not a hi-capa... a standard 1911!). Again, full metal would be a great plus!

So for both guns, what companies and models would you guys suggest? I know its been debated as far as tokyo marui vs the others, TM seems to be the best. I just think they don't seem to have much choice as far as 1911s and glocks goes. they seem to have only the 26 version of the glock and only 1 version of a non-hi capa 1911...

as far as AEG goes, they(TM) seem to have a good choice of MP5, but limited choice of M4, but a nice FAMAS, a couple P90, and a nice G36. They have a good selection of M16, but I dont like the grip on the Vietnam versions. I want the grip to be "M4 style" (the vietnam version is flat... I don't like that)

Again, I know I'm difficult to please, that is why I ask you guys and create a new topic for that istead of just using info out of existing topics. I haven't seen any that answer all things I ask!

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